Firearm Trusts in South Carolina

South Carolina is known as a gun-friendly state and many residents enjoy shooting and collecting firearms. A properly tailored “Gun Trust” can serve several uses. Whether you want to add a suppressor or other firearm regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) to your collection, or you desire to pass your collection along in an orderly and secure method, Robert can help you.

NFA Trusts

Suppressors are the most common NFA firearm purchased by todays shooter. Whether you want to protect your hearing, be a good neighbor, or just enjoy a new toy, a suppressor can multiply the enjoyment of shooting and expand the locations where you can shoot. To help firearms owners enter the world of NFA, Robert provides NFA Trusts and counsel to gun owners across the state and can even recommend gun shops that carry NFA firearms.

Collector Trusts

Some of us have acquired or will acquire a great number of guns, and it is important to us that we pass those firearms down in a responsible manner that maintains both the importance and the privacy of our collection. Each collector’s considerations are different, and one size does not fit all. Robert realizes there is more value to firearms than mere money, and he helps collectors pass on not only the firearms, but the values the owners believe important. If you have amassed a collection of firearms and wish to pass them down responsibly and ensure that your beneficiaries enjoy them as much as you, consider the benefits of a Firearm Collector Trust.

Firearm News

Robert is constantly reading and writing about firearms and the law. Topics cover local issues such as vehicle carry in South Carolina and national issues such as changes in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). If you care to read about firearms and the law, check out our news section.