Robert K. Merting, Esq.


As a business owner, Robert understands the importance of managing risk and achieving results. Every client relationship centers on defining a goal, evaluating all options, and working on an agreed path forward. Guiding his client centered practice, Robert combines legal training earned at Washington and Lee University with business experience from Wofford College, Milliken, and while serving as in-house counsel to a defense contractor. 

A personal passion for firearms and an authority on the laws regulating them makes Robert the “go to” attorney for firearm related legal issues. Whether it’s buying or selling an NFA firearm, a collection, or an entire firearms business, Robert has helped clients achieve their goals. He brings substantial legal knowledge in both firearms and firearms law to the table to help his clients. 

Highly organized, Robert believes that planning is a necessity in the law, and that clients benefit using an experienced planner in business and in personal matters such as wills. Whenever you require paper documentation, Robert is happy to help you plan and then execute that plan.

If Robert can help you accomplish your goals, then contact him here.