Estate Firearm Services

With nearly half of United States households self-reporting firearm ownership, about as many estates can be expected to have a firearm component. What does this mean for the Personal Representative?

Many times the Personal Representative, or executor if you like older language, simply gives possession of the firearms to the heir and discloses the same to the Probate Court. However, sometimes the situation is not so simple. What if the heir lives out of state? Or is a minor? A prohibited person? Or the estate needs money and must sell the firearms? Or the firearm should be registered and no paper can be found?

At times like these, an attorney experienced with both your duty to the Probate Court and Federal and State law can ensure that you legally and appropriately transfer the firearms. Robert is well positioned to help in such cases. From simple advice about complying with a will and interstate transfer laws, to complicated liquidation of an entire collection, Robert can help you map out a plan and execute the same. If you find yourself administering an estate with firearm questions, Robert will help you work through whatever concerns arise.