CWP Denials

Taking your Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) class and sending off the application is a big deal. It is a right of passage; the adult equivalent of a driver’s license! You study the law, prove your shooting ability, and submit to a fingerprint background check. When all is done, you just know you will pass.

But things do not always go to plan. Something minor in your past may cause you to receive a letter with “the denial of your application” rather than your CWP. What can cause this? Several things:

  • Open arrests on your record
  • Misdemeanor Convictions
  • Mistaken identity
  • Sheriff’s recommendation that you not be issued a permit
  • Military criminal prosecutions
  • Recent illegal drug activity

And this list is by no means exhaustive. So what can you do? You have a right to appeal a CWP denial, and ultimately you can have your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge. Fortunately, a denial is not the end of your application. A proper appeal explaining the incident in your past and showing you have the right to own and possess arms is generally successful. Knowing how to make that explanation is another matter.

Robert has helped dozens of clients successfully obtain a CWP. Robert works with each client to understand their past and what the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SC SLED) is requesting. In bringing an appeal, we consider your situation, why you were denied, and if we can address or fix the issue. From there Robert helps clients put together an appeal that effectively explains their situation and why a CWP should issue.

Contact Robert if you have been denied a CWP in South Carolina, and he can help you appeal the decision and fix any underlying concerns.

Wondering whether Robert can help you? Consider some thoughts from past clients.