Thinking about hiring Robert? Consider some thoughts from past clients:

“Attorney Robert Merting is a sharp lawyer who is very thorough and organized. He successfully helped me through my petition to restore my firearm rights.” ~ John W. 

“I wish I would have contacted Robert first instead of trying to appeal my CWP denial on my own. After three years of struggling, I didn’t think it would happen. Robert made it happen, and I recommend him to all I can.” ~ J.R.

“Mr Merting, I sent the paperwork SLED requested in the denial letter a few weeks ago, and today they sent me my CWP in the mail. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help in the pardon process, all my life I have loved firearms and wanted to be a lawful gun owner and today because of you I am able to do that. I am beyond excited and again I can’t thank you enough.” ~ David M.

I found Mr. Merting to be honest and very knowledgeable. An excellent choice for guidance and representation to acquire a pardon. His understanding of how to work within the legal system is impeccable.” ~ Mark B.

“I received my CWP in the mail today! I was shocked at the quickness of its arrival. I thought you would appreciate hearing the good news, and I wanted to thank you again for helping me solve what I thought would be an unsolvable problem. You’re the best! ” ~ Charles F.

“From the first time I spoke with Mr. Merting, I had a very high comfort level with him. Mr. Merting brought good old fashion values, professionalism and knowledge to the table. He was understanding about my situation and treated it with personal interest. Mr. Merting is thorough and clearly explained the whole process. I would highly recommend his services to anyone with firearm issues.” ~ John W.

“I was having a problem renewing my CWP and the renewal application was denied. I hired Robert to see what options I might have.  I could tell Robert had a genuine interest in helping me with my case, and he explained the entire appeal process and other possible courses of action we could take.  Robert filed for my appeal and began the discovery process to find out what had happen.  After contacting several agencies regarding my records, he found that a mistake had been entered into the records over 16 years ago.  This error is why my application was denied. Robert worked with these folks to get the records corrected and eventually won the appeal for my CWP approval.  Without Robert’s understanding of the law and true sense of duty to help folks with these types of issues, I probably never would have gotten this taken care of properly.  I’m very thankful that I reached out to him for help.” ~ Mike B.

“It would take too long to tell you all of what Mr. Merting did for me when I was denied my CWP permit. I was angry, confused, and asking why is this happening to me. I’ve not done anything to deserve the denial in my opinion, and Mr. Merting had to explain many things to me and I still would complain, and get frustrated. Just know, I was about to give up, and then I decided to just let him do his thing and put my trust in him. Mr. Merting won’t sugar coat anything or baby you, but he will fight for you if he thinks he has a chance to win your case. Trust me when I tell you, if you have been denied your CWP permit call Mr. Robert K. Merting.” ~Todd L. 

“We were very thankful to have Robert K. Merting handling our case.  He was honest, thorough, and very pleasant to work with and is highly recommended.  Our only regret was that we did not contact Mr. Merting sooner than what we did.  You are in good hands with this attorney.” ~ Hal M. 

“My experience with Robert Merting, Esq. was outstanding. He handled the majority of the paperwork, and throughout the process, he kept me informed and answered all my questions. He explained the various procedures involved and everything he told me happened accordingly.

I could not have had a better experience and the outcome was that I had all my rights reinstated.” ~ Ron P.

“I received my CWP in the mail last week. I’m so thankful that I had a great attorney to represent me and help me through the legality and paperwork process. Robert is very thorough and diligent in getting the results I wanted. I would recommend him to anybody that’s having a tough time obtaining a CWP.” ~ Brandon H.  

“If you are thinking about seeking a pardon for bad decisions and life mistakes, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Merting. I knew from my first initial phone conversation with him I was in good hands. He is thorough, professional and knew exactly what to do from the beginning to representing me on my hearing day. He helped me receive my pardon and restored all my civil rights. I am very thankful I contacted him. I highly recommend Mr. Merting and his services!”  ~ Ralph M.

“Upon a return flight from Rome to the US, I was detained going through customs. My passport was placed into a red envelope and I was taken into a room where there were armed agents. When addressed, the agent told me “we see here you were turned down from purchasing a handgun.” I was confused because Robert had already taken care of this, and I told the agent “Yes that was months ago! And my lawyer already took care of it.” He looked further into his computer screen, paused, and then said  “Ok. I see. Well just a minute . . . sorry for the delay. You can go, and have a nice day.” I have traveled a lot in my life, and I never would have thought this could happen. Thanks to Robert, my interrogation was short and simple.” ~ Frank M. 

“I spoke to Mr. Merting about my situation, and he was very upfront with me about the odds of getting it resolved. He explained in detail some past cases and said it was worth a shot. I had spoken to a few other lawyers in the same field of practice and all said it was an unlikely outcome. I feel those lawyers did not have the extensive background that Mr. Merting did and that’s why they declined to take my case. Mr. Merting went over and beyond what anyone else was willing to do and with that I received the outcome I was wanting and looking for. Thank you sir for all your help and being there for me when so many others said it was impossible. You have a five star law firm in my eyes.” ~ Joe T.

The quotes on this page are testimonials and endorsements from previous clients. The facts of each case are unique, and thus the outcomes are unique. Any result the firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. If you think Robert may be able to help you please contact him.