Firearm Collector Trusts

The Firearm Collector Trust is designed for the serious collector. You have spent years acquiring firearms you like, and now you have a significant collection, both in number of firearms and dollars invested. And you do not want to see this collection go to anyone other than your family.

The Firearm Collector Trust allows you to provide significant protection for your collection while allowing your family to enjoy the use of the firearms. Some of the protections enjoyed in a Firearm Collector Trust include:

– Removing your firearms from the jurisdiction of the probate court and eliminating the obligation to account (list) to the court all of the assets in the trust;
– withholding guns from any beneficiary who has lost his firearm rights and thereby avoiding accidental felonies;
– preventing specified family members, or whole generations, from liquidating the firearms;
– allowing multiple persons to use and enjoy NFA firearms;
– specific firearm gifts at your death or other benchmarks;
– enabling trustees to take action to circumvent overreaching legislation.

Your Firearm Collector Trust will be a private document and is not recorded with any government entity. (IF your trust purchases NFA firearms a copy will be sent to the ATF). As a further means of ensuring privacy, the trust does not require the listing of your firearms, rather you assign “all of my firearms” to the trust. When it comes to firearms, privacy is important to Robert, and he takes every step to protect yours.

With a Firearm Collector Trust, Robert takes the time to learn about your family and your concerns. Your trust is then specifically tailored to fit your needs. Whether it is a son who may lose his firearm rights, a daughter who is not interested in the firearms, multiple children who will want the same firearms, in-laws and divorce proceedings, a child who would liquidate the collection for a trip to Las Vegas, or the potential of a challenge to your trust and will by a family member, Robert can suggest and implement specific provisions that will protect both your family and your collection.

Whenever you have a sizable firearm collection, or if your family isn’t the Cleavers, ask Robert about what he can help you do with a Firearm Collector Trust.


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