Restoring Firearm Rights

Sometimes ‘doing the time’ or ‘paying your dues’ isn’t enough. Some things stick around to affect you many years later. Whether it is a criminal conviction or a mental adjudication, we understand the importance of the rights you lose.

When you lose your civil rights, including the right to own and bear arms, it is troubling to even think about. From the right to vote to the right to own and bear arms, we take our constitutionally protected rights for granted; until they are gone. Many people hide the fact or deny it. Unfortunately, this is counter productive and does nothing to get your gun rights back. In most instances, time alone will not restore your rights. But, with a little work, there is much we can do to restore your firearm rights in South Carolina.

What we can do, and how we seek restoration of those rights, is controlled by where and how you lost the rights to begin with. Maybe your are eligible for an expungement, but a pardon might work better? Each case must be considered independently. We do not treat a mental commitment the same as a felony charge.  But I can help you seek restoration in either case. We always strive to understand each client’s situation and to determine our best chance of success in helping you overcome your past. Read More

If you have lost your rights due to:

– A criminal conviction in SC; or
– A mental adjudication in SC

Contact Robert to see if he can help you restore your civil liberties and the right to own and bear arms. Whether you need an expungement, pardon, or petition, Robert is familiar with SC procedure and can help you through the process.

Wondering whether Robert can help you? Consider some thoughts from past clients.