Firearm Trusts


Robert offers both NFA Firearm Trusts and Firearm Collector Trusts depending on the needs of your situation and your personal concerns. From a simple suppressor to shoot in the backyard, to a 20+ gun collection, Robert can help you safely pass your collection along and ensure your family enjoys your firearms like you have.

Unlike online websites, Robert realizes that every client deserves the opportunity to talk directly  with his attorney, ask questions, and be prepared for that first NFA purchase. For this reason, every client receives a consultation with Robert and the opportunity to ask questions and reveal important facts before his trust is created. If you are debating between using an attorney and a website, we invite you to read: Why a local attorney?

Your grandfather likely told you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Robert believes the same, and that is why he spends time with clients discussing the NFA and state firearm laws and writes about the same on a constant basis. If you want to learn about firearm law in SC or the nation then please see Robert’s Firearm Blog at News and Articles.