Ammo Shortage Continues

This comes as old news to most, but the scarcity of ammo that developed in late 2012 has continued through the first quarter of 2013. Prices have increased by as much as 50 to 100% at retailers, and wholesaler costs have increased 10 to 25%. Unfortunately there is little evidence that supply will match demand anytime in the near future.

The scarcity of ammo affects all shooters, but it is especially troubling for NFA owners.

To get the most out of a suppressor, shooters choose low velocity sub-sonic rounds that function well with their particular firearm. Without the wide selection of choices that were recently available it may be impossible to find that choice ammo though.

However, more troubling is the obvious restrictions on machine gun owners, and it will be interesting to see how the scarcity affects popular machine gun shoots such as Knob Creek. When it takes longer to stand in line to buy ammo than it does to shoot it, I suspect fewer machine guns will see use. This presents a potential buying opportunity as it is possible that some machine gun owners may be liquidating in favor of ammo or firearms less expensive to feed.

Nevertheless, the purchase of a machine gun is a serious decision and a lengthy process. However, with proper planning and some leg work, the process can be shortened. If you are thinking about purchasing a machine gun in South Carolina, or transferring a machine gun to South Carolina contact me to learn how to make the process simpler and possibly shorter.