Any Other Weapon?

‘Any Other Weapon’ is the catch all used in the National Firearms Act. This category was designed to catch anything that was not a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or one of the NFA regulated categories.

So what falls into this category? Well it is broad, but I’ll try to give a variety of samples here. Pen and Cane guns, that is firearms designed to look like a writing pen or a walking cane, are classic examples. The category also includes firearms disguised as wallets, briefcases, and other ordinary items. This can include an item, not a firearm, that is designed to disguise a firearm, such as a briefcase specifically designed to hold an Uzi. Combination pistols and knifes are also regulated under this category. Technically, smooth bore pistols are ‘Any Other Weapons’ and not ‘Short Barreled Shotguns.’ Some trap guns also fall under this category depending on their length and other design features.

So why own an Any Other Weapon? Mostly as a curio. These firearms are unique, and many are engineering marvels. Older ones reveal much about the firearms market and socially acceptable behavior at the time of manufacturer. Congress recognized that these firearms were collector pieces, and the transfer tax has been appropriately adjusted. Instead of the $200 tax due with most Form 4s, the transfer of an Any Other Weapon only requires a $5 tax. This makes the purchase of a Serbu Super Shorty quite inexpensive compared to other NFA firearms.

Regardless of your interests, the breadth of the Any Other Weapon category means it likely includes something you will find interesting. All NFA rules apply, and a purchaser should complete their research before jumping in. As always, the use of a trust will make your life easier in the long run.