Challenging ATF 41F

As most of my readers know, ATF 41F is a new rule that will make it more difficult for trusts to buy NFA firearms starting in July. Practically all of my clients are working to get ahead of the rule change and acquire firearms while it is still convenient.

Many of my clients have asked if there is anything they can do to challenge ATF -41F (previously ATF-41P). While no one client is likely positioned to bring a successful challenge, many working together could accomplish something. This is exactly what the fellows at The Firearms Industry Consulting Group are doing. Take a look at their “Challenging ATF-41P” plan. They are heading this up through Prince Law Office where they have the expertise to bring a proper challenge

Unfortunately, these challenges take money. I know Mr. Prince, and he will put many hours in as a volunteer, but at the end of the day he has to meet payroll and eat. And I don’t ask my clients to do something I won’t; so rest assured I am sending in my own contribution to this effort. Take a look, and if this is a cause you can get behind, please chip in directly with Prince Law Offices.

For those of you running a business, any contribution can most likely be counted as a legal expense. There is some solace in knowing you get a tax deduction for fighting the government. (Though we would rather keep all of our money!)

The ATF has made rules with little regard for facts, common sense, or the firearm community for quite some time. Here is a chance to let them know this will not go unchallenged.