Final Days

ATF 41F will be implemented in just a couple of weeks, and after that there will be a bit of a learning curve. Form 23, fingerprints and photographs, will be the new normal. While I and the shops I deal with are prepared and ready to help clients move forward after July 12th, we will of course still learn more as the process goes on.

In the meantime, I am still asked if there is time to purchase suppressors and such before ATF 41F is implemented. The answer is still yes, but barely. We’ll set your trust up on the double and email documents to you if this is your goal. If you sign at my office, I can send a copy of your trust directly to the gun shop you are working with. (And if you can’t find a particular suppressor, I might know who has it in stock.)

Do not fret if you can’t make the deadline though. Suppressor and other NFA sales will go forward, and new products will always be hitting the market. We are prepared to make the process of buying and owning NFA firearms as simple and beneficial as possible. While the process will not be as simple as it is today, it can still be made straight forward and simple enough to handle. We will of course have more on that once ATF 41F is here to stay.