Firearm Collector Trust: A Legal Gun Safe

Gun trusts provide their owners with all sorts of benefits. The most well known relate to the purchase and possession of NFA firearms, such as eliminating the need for a CLEO sign off or allowing multiple people to possess firearms on behalf of the trust. However, there are many more benefits a gun owner can obtain by putting his general firearms collection into a trust. Like a gun safe, a Firearm Collector Trust protects your investments and keep them out of the wrong hands.

Benefits of a Firearm Collector Trust

Specific benefits of a Firearm Collector Trust include:

  • Privacy
  • Control over who receives firearms
  • Control over how and when firearms are passed down
  • Splitting of possession and ownership to protect firearms from confiscation in event a possessor loses his firearm rights
  • Elimination of unnecessary transfers (and thereby the need to comply with restrictions on transfers)
  • Safeguards designed to work around potential future legislation

Some of these benefits are applicable to everyone, and others depend on you and your family’s situation. Like a gun safe, you purchase a Firearm Collector Trust to provide protection for your guns based off of your risks. If you want to learn more about the situations where an all inclusive trust can help you, please enter your name and email below to receive a white paper on Firearm Collector Trusts or contact Robert.

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