Happy New Year!

Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

The comment period for ATF-41P has been closed for nearly a month now. About 9,500 comments were submitted, and a quick sampling of the comments show that no one is happy with the rule as proposed.

The administration has to listen, but they do not have to hear. What difference the comments will make in the final rule is anyone’s guess, and we will have to wait and see.

There are no set deadlines, but some ATF documentation point to a late second quarter final rule. I would consider this an internal goal and one that could be far off either way.

Until a new rule becomes active, the current laws are still in effect. Now may be the last time you can buy NFA firearms without going to the sheriff and without the headache of having your fingerprints taken.

If you already have a trust, I strongly encourage you to go ahead and purchase the firearms you are after. If you are still on the fence, now is a great time to get ahead of the curve.

In the meantime, I will monitor ATF – 41P and keep my readers informed of any updates as I learn about them. Here’s to hoping against change!