North Carolina Legalizes Suppressors for Hunting

South Carolinians have long enjoyed hunting with suppressors, but many states prohibit this same activity. South Carolina’s sister state, North Carolina, was one such state until very recently.

A comprehensive firearm law was recently signed into law, and among other things, the new law removes state restrictions on hunting with a silencer in North Carolina.

There may still be county or city restrictions and of course the property owners can enforce their own rules. Unfortunately, current indications are that some sheriffs will continue to reject all form 4 applications submitted by individuals. Fortunately, the proper use of a NFA Trust will allow those who want to purchase a suppressor to by-pass obstinate sheriffs.

Happy hunting to our brethren in North Carolina, and I am sure their neighbors will be appreciative of the reduction in noise.

For more, check out this article by the Winston-Salem Journal.