Post Election Thoughts

The election is over and gun owners received mixed results. The return of Obama certainly has the potential for gun control, but the Republican control of the House will hamper any effort for new legislation. More than likely, this issue will be dormant until the parties hammer out an agreement for dealing with the fiscal cliff. (Something that appears to be a long shot at best right now.)

There is the possibility of Executive Orders, and Obama has shown before that he will use such tactics to track purchasers of long guns in the Mexican border states. Fortunately the NRA has challenged this action in court and the expansion of Government power is no cake walk. We may see more of the same, but there is little room for serious expansion of gun control without a legislative act or treaty.

Speaking of treaties, the UN arms control treaty will be up for discussion again this summer. This document has the potential to regulate both inter and intra country sales, and could be used to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. I encourage all to watch this and ask their senators to vote against ratifying this treaty. (This is the most likely way to force legislation / restrictions through because the House does not have a say on treaties.)

How will this affect the NFA? Most likely, not at all. The current Democrat gun control agenda has included a reinstatement of the ‘assault weapons’ ban and a ban on .50 caliber firearms. The first ‘assault weapons’ ban did not affect the NFA, and I have never heard of a short barrel .50 caliber rifle. It is highly probable that the NFA will be left untouched even if legislation is passed requiring more gun control.

However, if you disagree, then this is the time to purchase your silencers and short barrel rifles and shot guns. If the registry is closed, we can expect these items to escalate in price much like machine guns. Or, if you believe the transfer tax will be increased instead of a ban on new sales, then you should get your items before Uncle Sam wants more money. I do not believe either situation is likely, but I do not have a crystal ball either.

No matter what happens, the firearm market will not soften for at least another four years. Now you can expect high volume of sales and scarcity of popular firearms and ammunition. To paraphrase a popular saying, ‘shoot’em if you got ’em.