Silencers and Hunting

Silencers have been catching on with the hunting crowd and articles on their use have made recent appearances in a couple of popular magazines. The National Rifle Associations’ American Hunter and the classic Fur-Fish-Game each carried articles on silencers in the past several months. As all national publications must do out of necessity, the magazine cautioned readers to check their local laws when it comes to legality and hunting with silencers.

Fortunately for shooters and hunters in South Carolina, our state allows the use of silencers in all hunting on private land. (There are no blanket prohibitions on the use of silencers on public land, and I encourage everyone hunting on public land to check for any regulations or rules specific to the hunting area. ) Whether you are hunting hogs down in the Lowcountry or calling in coyotes in the Upstate, the use of a silencer will allow you to take game with a quieter sound signature. Or in other words, without disturbing the neighbors. Additionally, silencers protect hearing without limiting your use of all five senses.

If you are considering the purchase of a silencer, I strongly encourage you to hear one in action. Several gun shops in the Greenville, Greer, and Spartanburg area are happy to demonstrate silencers for potential customers. I also suggest reading several prior posts, here and here, on the benefits of using a gun trust or NFA trust to purchase firearms controlled by the National Firearms Act. As always, if you are looking for further information please feel free to contact me.