What if I move?

The NFA transfer process takes time, and in today’s world a lot can happen in nine months. Clients commonly ask me what happens if they move out of state while a transfer is pending approval. Well, if properly prepared for, the move won’t affect the transfer. If not prepared for then you will have to start over.

The ATF is unforgiving. An individual buying a NFA Firearm in South Carolina will not be able to take possession of the firearm in nine months if they become a resident of State B in the meantime. This scenario will require cancelling the first form 4 transfer and having the FFL, via form 5, transfer the firearm to an FFL in the individual’s new state of residence.

However, the use of a trust changes the scenario. As long as one trustee remains in South Carolina, that trustee can take possession of the firearm once the transfer is approved. That trustee can then use a form 20 to change the registered address of the trust and the firearm. Once the form 20 is submitted, the trustee may move the firearm to the location allowed for in the form 20.

This greatly increases the convenience of purchasing a firearm and removes the unknown possibility of a move. Furthermore, trustees can be added or removed as needed, and a trusted friend can help you relocate your firearm to your new state. If you want to purchase a NFA firearm, but a possible move is in your future, contact me about the possibility of using a trust to get started immediately.