ATF-41P and Public Comments

Comments continue to roll in to the ATF in regards to proposed rule ATF-41P. As of this afternoon, slightly less than 1500 comments have been submitted, and most of those are against this proposed regulation.

While that is a good thing, some people do not understand the significant changes this rule imposes. For the benefit of everyone who has asked what is changing I provide the following.

The most pertinent part of the proposed rule would require every ‘responsible person’ in a trust to submit fingerprints, photographs, and a Chief Law Enforcement Officer sign off before the trust can purchase a NFA firearm. Conservatively, this is an additional 4 to 5 hours of work per person. For many trusts, simply preparing a Form 4 to purchase could take a week’s worth of work, especially if any mistakes are made or problems encountered.

For some people, such as everyone in York County, this change will effectively deny them the right to purchase NFA firearms. Why? Because some sheriffs believe NFA firearms are ‘bad’ and no ‘mere civilian’ should own them. (And before you breathe easy knowing your sheriff is gun friendly, remember; He must be re-elected every term!)

There are additional problems with the rule, such as determining who is a ‘responsible person.’ Under some interpretations this could include everyone on a trust; even beneficiaries that cannot currently possess the firearm but who may be able to at a later date. In this case, the ATF would be asking for a photograph, fingerprints, and a CLEO sign off on children and even the occasional baby: An absolutely absurd result.

Implementation of any part of this rule will result in the loss of liberty for law abiding gun owners. Furthermore, the ATF has not provided a single example of a violent crime committed with a legally owned NFA firearm registered to a trust. Until they can show this AND how the rule would have prevented that crime, there isn’t even an iota of security to be gained with this rule.

I encourage every NFA firearm owner, and every gun owner in general, to write the ATF and express opposition to this proposed rule. If you have been thinking of purchasing NFA firearms, but have put off the decision, now is the time to act before the rule is implemented. Call or email me today to get the ball rolling so you don’t have to deal with an unwieldy ‘solution’ to a non-existent ‘problem.’