Write Your CLEO

As Congress and the President debate the appropriate level of deficit spending (rather than debate whether to have deficit spending at all!) the clock for ATF-41P continues to tick. As you can imagine, your senators and congressmen have more important dilemmas to address, and it is unlikely that this proposed rule change will get their attention right now.

Your local CLEO on the other hand may be surprised to learn of the new work that the ATF would require him to perform. That is why I have prepared a form letter to be used to address your CLEO. The letter warns of the increased work load that ATF-41P represents for CLEOs across the country, AND it provides a form response that CLEOs can use to respond to the ATF.

I encourage you to adapt this form letter to fit your own message and then to forward it to your local sheriff or chief of police. You can find the name and address of your local sheriff here: http://sheriffsc.org/SCSA_Sheriff_s_Listing.html

The letter is available for download here: Letter.To.CLEO

Thank you for your action, and please encourage all of those that care to join you in taking action. Prior posts include other ways in which you can get involved, and I will continue to publish new entries suggesting actions that you can take against ATF-41P.