Proposed Rule Released

ATF’s proposed rule ATF-41P is now officially released. The full rule can be found here:

Everyone can now officially begin commenting upon the rule to let the ATF know your thoughts on the rule. Unfortunately, merely complaining, while helpful to show the number of unhappy individuals, is unlikely to make much impact. Rather, thoughtful responses that argue for and against the various aspects of the rule and provide reason are more influencing. Even better is to provide personal stories about how a CLEO sign off is troubling, time consuming, or would prevent you from purchasing NFA firearms.

For more information on how to write effective comments, please see the Prince Law Blog here:

Don’t be afraid to take your time to draft comments. It may be helpful to prepare your thoughts in a separate document over the course of a week or two. The ATF must respond to all comments, and a well thought out and reasoned argument against some portion of the proposed rule will require a response. The later this argument is made in the rule making process the longer it will take for the ATF to bring forth a final rule. If you can’t get good government at least you can have slow government. (And those of us that buy NFA firearms know all about slow government!)

Outside of commenting, write your senators, congressmen, and CLEOs to encourage that they too object to these changes. Shear volume and mass of comments is the only thing that will delay or stop this rule change.

And always, keep checking back here. I will continue to provide form letters and other thoughts to aid in objecting to this change.