Funding the Fight

As most of you know, the ATF is proposing to change the regulations regarding how trusts purchase NFA firearms. If the ATF has its way, populations of whole counties will be unable to purchase NFA firearms merely because their CLEO believes these firearms are “bad.” (I can think of several counties in SC where citizens will no longer be able to purchase these firearms.)

Joshua Prince of Prince Law Firm and the Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG) is leading this fight. Fortunately he has the resources, knowledge, and manpower to effectively respond to ATF-41P.

Unfortunately, Joshua’s resources aren’t unlimited, especially when compared to anti-gun titans like Michael Bloomberg. To help the cause, Joshua has asked for donations to FICG specifically for responding to ATF-41P. (You can find that request here:

I urge all NFA Firearm owners to write their Senators and Congressmen, to comment on ATF-41P, and to make a donation to FICG so they can continue to raise awareness and work against this proposal. For those of you who live in NFA hostile counties, remember: Your NFA Firearm rights depend on this fight.