Recalling Gun Control Supporters

Yesterday witnessed the first two political casualties in the liberal push for more anti-gun measures. In two special recall elections in Colorado the Democrat incumbents who were instrumental in implementing statewide gun control laws were recalled and replaced with pro-gun, pro-constitutional Republicans.

Many likened this race to a test of the “gun lobby” or the NRA. In reality, it was a poll on the average American about the importance of gun rights. Gun rights won.

The race attracted national attention, and the news media noted that the NRA spent six figures promoting the recall. Further reading discloses that gun rights group were outspent at a ratio of 7 to 1 by anti-gun organizations such as Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Even with this exorbitant financial advantage and the incumbent position the anti-gun liberals were not able to secure victory.

Adding to the sting of defeat, the two districts were predominantly independent and Democrat. Yet this did not prevent an eight point win in one of the districts.

Nationally, anti-gun candidates should take notice that a primarily Democrat district in a swing state still does not support anti-gun measures, no matter how ‘commonsense.’ Even when given every advantage, including holding the incumbent position and having a seven to one financial advantage, anti-gun politicians cannot win.

Congratulations are due to Colorado on this election. Unfortunately the CO house is still strongly Democrat and there are no immediate hopes in overturning the gun laws passed this spring.