E-Forms, Down for the Count?

Many of you already know that last Friday, April the 4th, the ATF E-Forms system was suspended indefinitely for maintenance. Nearly a week has passed and no official word has been given about the site coming back on line.

The official page can be seen here: https://www.atfonline.gov/EForms/

While speculation abounds on whether this removal is a planned outage or a mere inept development team, the effects are the same. Transferees will have to wait longer for their Form 4s.

The question of the hour is do I wait for E-Forms to come back online, or do I submit a paper form? Unfortunately there is no definitive answer.

If you insist on E-Forms, give it another week to see if the system comes back online.

If the server is still offline, then it is time to start considering the alternative. With the looming impact of ATF-41P, I would suggest going ahead and starting that paper form. At least you’ll get it sometime!