E-forms, Still Waiting

Last month I wrote regarding the costs and benefits of using E-Forms. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved.

For those unaware, ATF E-Forms is a new system that allows for the electronic filing of Form 4s and Form 1s. This system is only available to entities like NFA Trusts, and generally results in a faster form approval. This is just another reason to use a trust for your NFA firearms.

The reduced processing time for the purchaser has caused many more customers to demand the use of E-Forms. This in turn has increased the number of shops using E-Forms and the volume of E-Forms submitted.  The increased demand on the E-Form server results in even more down time and delayed availability.

The good news? Once entered, a Form 4 is still taking only four months to process. However this is of little solace to the shops and individuals who cannot submit Form 4s and Form 1s!

I still suggest the use of E-Forms, but I caution purchasers to have patience with their shop. (Most of the South Carolina shops are very familiar with this system and have ways to cope with the trouble submitting.) And if you are filing a Form 1 for your Trust, double that patience! But with the proper attention to detail and perseverance, you can get your form approved faster.