Form 1 Machine Gun Lawsuit

A couple of months ago the ATF’s fiasco in trusts filing Form 1s to manufacture machine guns was hitting the net. See my earlier blog post here.  Well, now we have a bit more than talk. A gentleman in Texas, who was a recipient of an approved Form 1, has decided to take his case to the courts.

Jay Hollis has filed Hollis v. Holder in Federal Court, Dallas, Texas. A copy of the complaint and other case documents can be found here:!nfa-cases/c1xu9.

What will come of this case we do not know, but the attorney bringing the challenge, Stephen Stamboulieh, has thrown everything he can at the ATF, including the kitchen sink. While I do not believe the courts will overturn the entire NFA registration scheme, there may be more justification to strike 18 USC 922(0) on constitutional grounds or to apply the law as written and exclude trusts from the prohibition.

For those who want to see this restriction go away, you can help by funding the lawsuit. Mr. Stamboulieh is taking donations via the go fund me website. See here: As of this writing, he is just a few thousand dollars shy of his initial goal, which I believe he will need every penny of to properly pursue this suit.

We will keep you posted here, and feel free to visit Mr. Stamboulieh’s website for updates there.