Midterms and Gun Control

There is more commentary on what the midterm elections meant for gun control and gun rights than anyone can shake a stick at. I do not intend to dive into the main discussion here and believe it sufficient to say that gun control measures will have a significantly harder time passing through the new Congress after the swearing in ceremonies of 2015.

Executive actions are another matter altogether. As most of you reading this are aware, the National Firearms Act (NFA) community is anticipating (dreading is likely more appropriate) the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) final rule, or lack there of, in ATF-41P.

The good news is that the ATF now has to depend on funding from an even more conservative House. This certainly will not be lost on the bureaucrats who just turned over to Congress thousands of documents related to the failed Fast and Furious operation. For those of you who follow the interrogations of Trey Gowdy, you know to expect an ATF grilling as soon as the celebratory champagne is gone.

The bad news is that Obama has no hopes of pushing his agenda through Congress and will focus even more of his efforts on his pen and phone. It is quite likely the ATF will also receive heat from the White House to push through ATF-41P as planned.

One can certainly imagine Democrats (and a few Republicans) already looking towards the coming Presidential election and hoping to put their gun control folly as far behind them as possible. These politicians, unlike Obama, will certainly not take an active role in pushing through new gun control. But can the more conservative members of Congress halt the grinding gears started with ATF-41P? Phone calls and letters from Senators and Congressmen could certainly help influence the ATF and rule making process, and I do encourage those of you who care to contact your representatives over the coming holidays and encourage them to take an active stand against the proposed rule.

Where this will end is anyone’s guess. If we see action in January I fear it will not be good news. However, should the ATF again delay action on ATF-41P, I believe this pawn in the gun control agenda will be lost among the many other active issues between Obama and Congress.